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Dr. Mahtab Khoshkhou

After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Khoshkhou enrolled in the University of Maryland – Baltimore College of Dental Surgery where she worked in a specialized clerkship in pediatric care. Since earning her doctorate in Dental Surgery, Dr. Khoshkhou has taught at the University and also completed post-graduate specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry. She also is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

“Your child’s health is just as important to me as my own children’s, and oral care is a vital part of their overall health care. I believe in preventative practices for your child’s health, and this care should start from a young age. Regular cleanings and check ups ensure that your child is getting the oral care they need. I look forward to meeting your child and teaching them healthy practices that will last a lifetime.”

- Dr. Khoshkhou