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What to do in an Emergency
When your child needs urgent dental treatment, call our office at 410-987-2273 (CARE). Most importantly, if your child has experienced head trauma please go to a hospital’s emergency room.

What should I do if my child’s baby tooth is knocked out?
Do not place the baby tooth back in the mouth. Contact our office as soon as possible.

What should I do if my child’s permanent tooth is knocked out?
Find the tooth! Hold the tooth by the crown (top) and rinse it gently using only cool water. Do not scrub it or clean it with soap — use just water. If possible, replace the tooth in the socket and hold it there with clean gauze or a wash cloth. Remember, the smooth side of the crown always faces out.

If you can’t put the tooth back in the socket, place the tooth in a clean container with milk, water, or Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution. You can have this handy at home. Systems containing this solution are available online: Save-Tooth-Emergency-Preserving-System

What if a tooth is chipped or fractured?
We can determine if the fracture requires immediate attention. Rinse out your child’s mouth with room temperature water and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. If you can find the broken tooth fragment, bring it with you to our office.

What if my child has a toothache?
Please call us for prompt assessment and scheduling. We will also give you guidance for what to do to help make your child comfortable. Do not put heat or aspirin on the sore area.

Can dental injuries be prevented?
Yes. Mouthguards can significantly reduce sports and impact-related injuries to the teeth. Talk to us about our low cost mouthguards.

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